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Our Origin Story

          Fallen Heroes Family Lifeline was created in honor and loving memory of Army Private Kimberly Copeland, killed March 31, 2017 - at the age of 21. She joined the military with a passion for protecting others and a love for our country. Her commanding officers all said that Kim was only in competition with herself, constantly improving upon herself. But, she was always looking out for brothers and sisters in her unit, to help them achieve and succeed.  It is with this spirit that we approach our mission, every single day.

Kim Military Picture.jpg

          Following Kim's death, the family found themselves in an endless circle of frustration in addition to the pain of loss. Literally everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The military provided very limited, conflicting and incorrect information, blaming everyone else for the mistakes and added problems. After 2 years of getting no help or answers, running up the chain of command multiple times, they were told time limitations were exceeded and the family was basically out of luck.

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          Our Founder (and Kimberly's father), Todd Copeland, started shifting all of his attention to finding answers and coming up with solutions. As he found other families in need, he started developing a database of assistance and resources, helping them along the way. The more he could help, the more it drove him to do more, broadening databases to include hundreds of resources - military, civilian, private, corporate, charitable and more.  Three years after his own loss - he formalized it in the creation of Fallen Heroes Family Lifeline.

We must do everything we can to honor the fallen

and to protect the legacy...the FAMILY they leave behind.

Our Mission

Our Mission

          Fallen Heroes Family Lifeline has a vision and mission to achieve and we need as much help as we can get.  That mission is to protect the families of our fallen heroes.  It's that simple.  Absolutely no military family should be made to suffer more after already making the ultimate sacrifice.

          Our goal is to keep growing, adjusting, adapting any obstacles to do what is necessary. Databases, guidance and urgent assistance is only the beginning. It is nothing less than Private Copeland would do. How could we do any less.

We must do more!

Elliana in Uniform.jpg

Mere words cannot repay the debt they have paid for us.

We MUST take action and honor their sacrifice.

Assistance Programs

          At our start, Fallen Heroes Family Lifeline is an urgent support and assistance organization exclusively for surviving families of our fallen military heroes. A desperately needed resource for helping address issues and needs beyond the scope of regular military and civilian outreach services. We actively work with our families to support, guide, assist and protect them. We are your extended military family - here when you need it most.


This is where it all began. The limited number of possible resources provided by the military and civilian outreach are sometimes limited and not enough. For many people their situation requires assistance that existing services don't know about. We have an extensive and ever-expanding database of resources for just about every major need, as well as additional programs which facilitate a better standard of life, after loss. 


          There are resources to help with urgent and emergency financial needs, as well. We work to keep up-to-date in all the available possibilities, their limitations and requirements. When these fall short or when there is no resource for financial assistance, Fallen Heroes Family Lifeline may work to provide funds in the form of Grants and even paying directly for part or all of what is needed. Please note that a financial needs assessment and application may be required depending upon the need and amount - and may be limited by funds we have access to at that time.

We Need Your Support Today!

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